Hey All!

Today was a big day for us!! We had many many people come into our office today and it was a little difficult to work. Some of you may have seen our lovely folding table temporary desks, well, today real desks where delivered in pieces to our office. Then Mark and Izzy were able to build them and set them all up for us! They look amazing!

But before they were built and set up nicely, we had to move everything, and we made a bit of a mess. But that is okay! We also set up a few super temporary work spaces in our little meeting room… they were not used for very long… It was too loud and too cramped. But these ladies powered through and got their work done then watched in awe as their new desks were being built.

We also had Quinn from GAD group here to hook up our printer! Now we can print from our computers AND sit in our own space!

I really have enjoyed being so close to these ladies, but I am excited for a little physical space.

Until next time!



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