Hey All,

Our lending library is up and running!!

Parents are more than welcome to come in and take a look at our Parenting Shelf. We have a few more books en route, so if you do not see a topic you want, check back in a week or two. These books are available to borrow so that you can read at your pace and get the most out of what you are reading.

Home Visitors, we have books for you too! These books have to do with working with families, young children, and people in general. These books are also available to borrow so that you can read them at your pace.

We even have kids books available to borrow! I know that we give out books during the home visits, but these are different books that are available to borrow. We have books on all different topics and would love for you to borrow them.

Now, I know…you have kids. You have told me a hundred times that they like tearing books apart. So if you would like to come in and read for a bit while your child plays with our toys, feel free! There is almost always a home visitor at the office and we would love for our toys and books to be played with and read.



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