By: Megan, Home Visitor, Jumpstart

I have been working with teen moms since 2014, I enjoy going to work every day and seeing mom’s excitement when she shares with me that her child said their first word, took their first steps or mom got hired for the job she wanted. I get to witness the most important milestones of not only their child’s life but mom’s life as well and I think that is such a beautiful thing for them to share with me. I strive to be successful at being there for consistent support they can depend on and trust and assist in guiding them in a positive direction of finishing high school and moving onto a bright future with their child. The hardest part in this position is when I know a mom tried her best, put forth all her effort and then fail an exam, deal with heartbreak, not get the job she wanted or find out that she won’t be able to graduate with her class. I see the full potential and capabilities of every mom I work with and even though they are young moms they love and care for their child just as much as a parent at any age. It warms my heart when I hear the way my teens talk about their child and when I see them interacting and bonding with each other. I look forward to learning more about the parents and children I work with and look forward to a happy, healthy and successful year!

Our mission is to provide parent education to parents of children prenatal to three years of age so that all children develop a strong foundation for learning. Jumpstart aspires to empower families through the knowledge of child development and relationship building to provide a strong foundation for children’s school success. We collaborate with parents, schools, and the community to strengthen parent-child relationships, reinforce parenting skills, promote child growth and development, and prevent child abuse and neglect

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