Amy | Home Visitor | Reflective Lead

The hardest job I’ve ever had is being a mom. The hours are long, the tasks are redundant, and the demands are high! It’s also the most beautiful job in the world.

I can identify with so many of the parents in our program, because I am a mom of young children. When my oldest child was born, I didn’t have the backing of a home visitor, but my husband, family, and friends were so supportive. Their guidance, advice, and help was so valuable to me as a first time mom, and I was able to develop the confidence that I needed to be the best mom to my daughter.

I became a home visitor when my daughter was one, so I have matured in my own journey as a mom, while learning how to support other moms with our Parents As Teachers curriculum. It has been such a joy to get to work with other moms and offer them the support they deserve as they work to become the best moms they can be. I’ve had two more babies since I started working as a home visitor with Jumpstart, and I feel like I can relate to even more parents, now! Often, I’ve been learning alongside my families as we figured out how to feed our babies, potty train our toddlers, and transition our preschoolers into school. The curriculum has been so helpful to me in my personal life because I’ve been able to garner so much more knowledge about parenting and child development and apply it to my own life!

My kids have moved out of the baby and toddler stage and are now in preschool and elementary school. It’s fun to look back at the ways this program has shaped me as a parent and home visitor. I have a deep appreciation for the hard work that moms do at home. I have an understanding of what it’s like to be a working mom and balance All. Of. The. Things. I truly enjoy watching my enrolled mamas grow in their confidence and abilities as a parent while also observing their children meet their milestones and develop into really cool little people!

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