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It’s been awhile since I have blogged and I am sorry for that. I know that you all are really invested in what we are doing down in Kankakee, Iroquois, and Ford counties. But today, I come to you with a different kind of blog…

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Many people will read that sentence and not understand what the big deal is, while there are others who will read that sentence and feel it in their core. Domestic Violence is a serious issue in our country, our state, and the counties that we serve. One thing that I have heard over and over again from the survivors of domestic violence is “The kids don’t know.” As much as I  want to believe that, it is not true.

The kids know.

The kids Know.

The kids KNOW.

I have also heard “I want the kids to grow up with their father/mother. So I will just take it so that the kids can have both parents.” My heart breaks for these families. You should not suffer through this for the kids. The kids know what is happening. Staying with someone who is abusing you is not the best way to care for your kids, even if you want them to grow up with both parents. But we also know “the victim is often in the most danger directly following the escape of the relationship or when they seek help.” (NCADV, 2018)

As home visitors, we have received training on domestic violence. We understand that sometimes there is not a choice that can be made. But we know that this impacts the children. Domestic Violence is a serious matter and it impacts the children. Being able to get support for yourself and for the children is crucial.

Inviting a home visitor into your home is one form of support. We work with you to work with your kids, we support what you are already doing in the home and provide more opportunities and more activities to help your children grow and develop. We also work with you to find resources or community services that you may find useful in all situations including homelessness, low income, mental illness, and domestic violence.

For this month, take a moment to think about all of the people that you know who may be in domestic violence relationships. Share the statistics on Domestic Violence from The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). And send our information to anyone who has young kids. We are here to encourage healthy development of children and empower parents no matter the situations that they are experiencing.

To find out how to get help, visit:  https://ncadv.org/get-help

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Our mission is to provide parent education to parents of children prenatal to three years of age so that all children develop a strong foundation for learning. Jumpstart aspires to empower families through the knowledge of child development and relationship building to provide a strong foundation for children’s school success. We collaborate with parents, schools, and the community to strengthen parent-child relationships, reinforce parenting skills, promote child growth and development, and prevent child abuse and neglect

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