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The Benefits of Spicing up a Breastfeeding Mother’s Diet

“When, as a nursing mother, I ate the spicy foods that I love so well, I’ll have you know that I was actually modeling. My children, after all, were going to grow up in a family in which spicy food was part of every possible family occasion.”

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Parents as Teacher’s Statement on Separating Families

On June 18, Constance Gully, President and CEO of Parents as Teachers posted the organization’s statement in response to the separation of families.

“No matter the circumstances, unless there are concerns for the child’s safety at the hand of the parent, families should never be pulled apart. Children need the love, support, and shelter of their families in order to learn, grow and develop to realize their full potential. We strongly oppose this policy.”

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Dads now spend 3 times as much time with their kids than previous generations

“Research indicates that today’s dads are more involved than ever before (👏👏👏) and it’s changing the way kids see the world, and see themselves.”

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Modeling Prosocial Behavior Increases Helping in 16-month Olds

“Our study is the first to demonstrate that observing helping, or prosocial, behavior in others affects infants’ prosocial behavior and provides a critical mechanism in early prosocial development,” says Joscha Kärtner, professor of developmental psychology at the University of Münster and senior author of the study.

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