A Revolutionary Way to Raise Children is a 10 week course designed to increase your skills and knowledge as a parent. Emphasis is on developing parent/child self esteem, using discipline to teach children, resolving conflict effectively, promoting self-control vs. parental control, understanding how children think and having age-appropriate expectations. The goal of the course is to promote responsible, thinking, loving, and confident children by using excellent parenting techniques. Most parents report positive long-term results with their children as well as improved relationships in all areas of their lives.

Location: Easterseals, Zoom link sent at enrollment

Instructors: Beatriz Ruiz, Maranda Ahlfeld — Certified Breakthrough Parenting instructors, Prenatal to age 3 Parents as Teachers curriculum Practitioners

Time: Mondays 3-5pm, Thursdays 5-7pm

Start on any class day. Class ends upon completion of twenty hours, all lessons completed, and a completed workbook and/or test.

Fees: $80 fee due by first week of class. Fee waived for enrolled Jump Start home visiting clients.

RSVP and/or questions: Beatriz Ruiz, bruiz@joliet.easterseals.com, 815-905-1486

Lesson Breakdown

**Click on the circle with 2 arrows. Slide right for English. Slide left for Spanish**